Sector Association Members

Manitoba’s sector councils and industry associations have been at work helping to grow the economy for over 25 years.

Today’s global marketplace is in constant change with the pace of technological advancements and increasing competition. It is essential that Manitobans are prepared to meet these challenges and lead the way in human resources training, knowledge and skills development.

Each industry sector is unique, and their challenges and opportunities are diverse, illustrating the need for industry-driven sector councils. Sector councils bring together businesses, workers, educators, human resource professionals, and government in a strategic alliance that focuses on improving and growing employment and the economy.

Manitoba sector councils follow nationally recognized occupational standards and training programs which lead to industry certification. Businesses within each sector council are encouraged to invest in professional development and skills training for all employees to maintain and improve productivity and growth.

Making Manitoba Better

Sector councils tackle problems and build on strengths, making Manitoba a better place to live and work:

  • Pool information and resources
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration on projects and programs
  • Develop strong workforces
  • Network at the local, national and international level

What are Sector Councils?

Sector councils/associations are industry-led partnership organizations made up of individual businesses that share a common product or service offering. Each sector council and industry association member is focused on occupational skills training and development and best practices to ensure a strong workforce in their respective sectors of the provincial economy.

Provincial sector councils are also members of their respective national organizations, further enabling information sharing and skills development.

To remain competitive, companies must continually recruit, train and retain their workers. While machines, technology and logistics are important to creating and building a competitive advantage, people and productivity are the key to success.