Labour Market Information

The Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils (AMSC) has established a Labour Market Information (LMI) Department as a support service for its member Sector Associations.  The purpose of the LMI Department is to assist Sector Associations in obtaining up-to-date LMI, survey development, and data analysis.

The AMSC LMI Department works closely with each Sector Association to understand specific industry issues, needs, and trends, so that relevant LMI can be obtained through surveys, employer focus groups, and external sources (e.g. journals, reports, and databases).  Prior to consultations with individual sectors, detailed background research is undertaken to ensure all discussions are focused and relevant.

The AMSC LMI Department is skilled and experienced in economic theory, survey development, and applied econometrics.  Applying these tools to accurate LMI data allows the AMSC LMI Department to assist Sector Associations in determining training needs for pre-employment and existing workers as well as predicting changes in employer hiring demands and requirements.  The AMSC LMI Department can also assist Sector Associations with other industry specific economic studies.