History of AMSC

Since 1991, the Province of Manitoba has assisted in the development and ongoing support of sector councils. Sector Councils are dedicated human resource development/training organizations that bring together representatives with different perspectives from key stakeholder groups in an industrial sector. They focus their attention and commitment of industry partners on human resource issues and share a commitment to identify and act on the skills needs that are most important to their sector.

The overall goal of Manitoba’s Sector Council program is to improve the quality of the Manitoba labour force, and to assist firms to be more flexible in meeting changing competitive demands. By bringing together corporate executives, owner-operators of smaller firms, employees, labour, educators and government representatives, Sector Councils provide a practical perspective on change.

By acting as a bridge between firms, and permitting collaboration and collective action on skills issues, sector councils promote economies of scale in addressing human resources challenges, which benefits all industry partners.

Sector Councils put Manitoba at the forefront in innovative training, workforce development and industry growth, driving the introduction of industry-determined college and university programs, developing strategies for inclusion of Aboriginals and immigrants, implementing career development programs and leadership training, and providing timely labour market information.

The informal formation of the Manitoba Sector Training Network (MSTN) occurred in 1995 when sector representatives from across different sector associations/councils were invited to share ideas and input to funding opportunities.

The Manitoba Sector Training Network began in 1999 to provide a forum for the emerging sector groups to share training and best practices under the framework established by Industry Training Partnerships. Sectors Represented:

Arts & Cultural Industries
Audio Recording
Customer Contact
Cdn Manufacturers & Exporters
Environmental Industries
Food Processors
Graphic Design
Health Care Products

The common goals of MSTN were to:

  • Strengthen the skills of our Manitoba workforce and economy
  • Respond to the labour market changes through strategic initiatives related to Human Resources and Training to retain and recruit workers to Manitoba
  • Provide industry operators, small and medium with effective training and human resource related information
  • Strengthen the skills of our current and future sector leaders in the area of human resources and training
  • Encourage joint and co-operative projects between sectors, with education, with industry and with government

Throughout the years the objectives of the network included:

  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned with others in similar roles
  • Discussion of common concerns
  • Networking and information sharing
  • Sharing the benefits of industry based training (through the investment of government and industry)
  • Joint program/project opportunities.

Joint programming opportunities included Manitoba: Career Destinations, National Integrated Delivery System (NIDS), Building Better Workplaces, Opening Doors Parents’ Expo, MB4Y School Services Outreach project and the Immigrant Skills Initiatives.  These projects allowed the sectors to expand programming or messaging in a co-operative and cost effective manner.

After a number of years of facilitating joint projects, the then volunteer Board of Directors felt it was time for the Manitoba Sector Training Network (MSTN) to become incorporated as its own entity, allowing the organization to apply for cross-sector project funding; MSTN was incorporated in August 2007.

The first undertaking for MSTN was the acquisition of funding for the development and management of the 1000 Waverley Street Business and Training Centre. In the summer of 2007, 1000 Waverley Street opened for business with four sector councils (MCCA, MAHRC, NMM and MCSC), Workplace Education Manitoba and MSTN, co-locating.

MSTN hired its first Executive Director in 2008 to search for funding opportunities for further expansion of the organization and in early 2009 the name of the organization was changed to the Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils.